Friday, 24 June 2011

Hi There

Welcome to my games downloading website
You can download games by torrents , click on the games tab to get your game.

Here's the video tutorial to start downloading:
Please Watch on YouTube or full screen .(otherwise nothing is understandable without annotations)
1.Download and install VUZE (click to download)
2.Click on Games tab (A-Z) to find your Game.
3.Download the Game and Enjoy !
Any Game not available in the website ? Write its name in the Comment box below and soon it will be available.

It's easy to get going! all u need is one software bittorent,ยตtorrent or Vuze (click to download any one from them)
( I recommend bittorent or uttorent for low speed computers and Vuze for fast computers)
after downloading any one of the software, install it and then you can download any game you want by using the software.

Can not find a specific game?  just comment its name down below